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New Paradigm, the Best One in the World


Unicall/Quick is the system to manage the quick service center and is suited to open new quick service biz. It is based on the smart phone internet and CID and supplies very powerfool functions and service in spite of it's low price. It can be used all through the world without any restriction because of it's unique system design concept.




 ◑ System Composition
    The system composition of Unicall/Quick is shown in the figure below.
System Composition
PC Environment
Basic Requirements

Pentium 166MHz or above


64MB or above





Internet Environment

 It is strongly recommended to use fixed IP.


◑ Function
  Unicall/Quick, based upon the CRM program, has many efficient functions to improve customer services, and is very easy and convenient to manage the customer, order, sales and business.

 ① Mobile Internet: The call center supplies the customer list to the drivers in realtime. Once a driver selects a certern customer, other drivers cann't select the customer.
  - The call center supplies the customer list.
  - A driver selects a customer.

 ② Unmanned/Auto Mode: If the unmanned/auto mode is set, it is possible to operate the call center without human beings. You don't need to intervene.

 ③ Security Function: Supplies a pass word to both the customer and the driver for each call.

 ④ Customer Function: It is the functions for displaying the customer information, registering the new  customer's information, managing the existing customer's information and retrieving the customer with  various search conditions.
  - Displays the customer information
  - Registers the new customer information
  - Modifies and deletes the existing customer information
  - Files and modifies point, and displays its contents
  - Retrieves the customer list with address, name, phone number, point, order frequency, etc.

 ⑤ Receipt Function: Processes the customer's order quickly and efficiently, also  displays and manages the process from order taking to delivery.
  - Displays the customer information and order contents
  - Inputs, modifies and cancels the order
  - Displays the order list under processing

 ⑥ Sales Function: It is the functions for displaying and managing the detailed volume of sales and sales  revenue periodically and characteristically.
  - Displays the sales profile of the given item within a specified period
  - Displays the sales profile of the given category within a specified period
  - Displays the gross and volume of sales within a specified period
  - Displays the total sum of the delivery and store sales
  - Displays the gross sales and order quantity

 ⑦ Business Function: It is the functions for managing the sales by analyzing the customer information and  characteristics of sales and order type.

  - Analyzes the detailed information of the customer
  - Analyzes the sales breakdown in a day, month, year, etc.
  - Analyzes the sales profile of the given category within a specified period
  - Saves the result, etc.

 ⑧ Supplementary Function : It is the optional or supplementary functions

 - Memo: Memos for the reference on customer information screen, order taking screen, etc..
 - E-mail sending: Sends e-mail to the customer.

 - SMS sending: Sends SMS by PC.

◑ Data Compatibility

 It's data are compatibile with CSV data and Excel data.



Main Display





◑ Product Model


Model Product Composition


• Program CD: 1
• CID Device: 1
• RJ11 6P2C Phone line: 1

 • USB cable A-B: 1

• User's Manual: 1

                     CID Device
                                                                                             < CID Device>


◑ Product Performance
   - It can use any android smart phone without getting a new one.
   - It displays the order information including the departing and arrival spot of the customer in realtime.
   - Because it calculates the service charge depending on the distance automatically by every order,
     it dosn't require the troublesome price table.


◑ Manual Downloading
    - If you want to know about Unicall/Quick in detail, please download the electronic manual.
    - The electronic manual is available to read as Acrobat Reader.

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