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◑ Free Call

 - Unicall offers a two-way video call as well as a three-way video call and a random chat as a primary
   feature. You do not need to sign up anymore, so you can install it from
   the Play Store or App Store and use it right away in any place of the world.

 - If you need international calls from abroad, it is very useful because you can install the apps locally
   and use them immediately and you do not have to pay for the calls. The three-party call can be talked
   to by a group of three people looking at each other's faces, and the response is explosive.

◑ ET Call

 - No subscription: There is no need to sign up, so privacy and privacy are

 - No trace: Since there is no personal information, there is no trace associated with personal calls.

 - No cost: There is no call cost at all.

 - No subscription, no trace and no cost 3-No and secret calls are only Unicall.

◑ Everyday English

 - The default language for Unicall is English.

 - Usage is also available in that language for frequently used languages.

 - Unicall allows you to learn English for everyday life because the primary language is English
   and universal calls are possible.

◑ Universal Video Series

 - You can watch a series of space videos on YouTube's Unicall channel.

 - This video reveals the nature of the universe, and furthermore, the reality of man.

 - Seeing the universe with the eyes of ET, we draw the adventures that ET experiences.

◑ WebRTC

 Unicall is a WebRTC-based video call system. WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communication, which is a public standard for video, voice, and data communications without the need for a real-time, plug-in between web browsers. In other words, it enables video communication, voice, and chat between web browsers without installing a separate program. P2P allows direct communication between devices, so there is no need for server function or performance. Since Google's first proposal for WebRTC, Google, Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft have been creating technical standards.

◑ Calling

 ① Enter your Room Name
 - Enter the room name. The room name acts like a phone number, and both the calling
   party (Caller) and the receiving party (Callee) must use the same room name.

 - Room Names are created using numbers, letters, hyphens, and under bars, and are used
   interchangeably. Create unique names for each other. Room Names must be more than
   5 characters.

 - Ex: mutal2535, Iloveyou.

 ② Login
 - Callee waits for a call while logged in. Press the OPEN button with the name of
   the room you want to receive, and press the LOGIN button to login.

 - If you no longer want to call for the room name, press the LOUT button with the
   room name to logout.

 ③ Calling
 - You(Caller) press the call button with the room name you want.

 - Callee who logs in hears a call bell and sees a call display.

 - Callee presses the CALL button to start the call, and when the call ends, press
   the End button at the bottom of both sides.

◑ 2-Way Call

 - Caller presses 2WAY button to start the call, and press the red handset button at the bottom
   to end the call.

 - When you press the call button, your screen will be displayed first.

 - When the other party presses the call button, the other party's screen is displayed and the own
   screen is moved to the small screen on the lower right. At this time, if you touch a small screen,
   the other side and your screen will change.

◑ 3-Way Call

 - Caller Presses 3WAY button to start the call, and press the handset button at the bottom to end the call.

 - When you press the call button, your screen will appear on the top 1/3 screen first.

 - When the second caller presses the call button, the screen is displayed on the upper screen
   and the screen is moved to the lower screen on the lower right.

 - Pressing the third party call button will appear on the next 1/3 screen.

◑ ET Chat

 - Both click the handset image to start the call, and press the handset button at the bottom to end the chat.

 - If there is waiting Caller, the chat is connected as Callee. You are put on stand by as Caller if not. The chat will be connected when new Callee arrives

 - It is used when you want to make video calls with anyone in the world, and this meeting is done randomly according to God's will.

◑ Voice Only

 - The internet speed is very slow or you can only make voice calls if you want. If your internet speed is too slow to make voice calls, your app will stop.

 - When the caller presses the VoIP button, a voice-only two-way call is made. If your internet speed is too slow to make a video call, it will automatically
   switch to a voice call even if you start with a video call.

◑ Download

 -  Basic function : Free
    3Way, VoIP and Chat: 3 Dollar(In-App Purchase)

 - Android Phone : Download from the Play Store and install.  

 - iPhone : Download from the App Store and install.(Updating)  

◑ Using

 - It is recommended to update your application.

 - It is strongly recommended to suggest your opinion about our application.

◑ Contact us

 If you need help with your use, press the? Button.


 - Let me find a friend and date.

 - Register the room name, gender, age and language to use, and make sure to press the HORN button
   with the room name. Unicorn Horn periodic flows.

 - The desired party initiates a call with the registered Room Name, a call alert tone sounds and
   the call button is pressed.


 - The ET telepathy tells the fortune of each person that fortune can come.

 - First, the ET fortune is displayed. When Tarot button is pressed, the tarot fortune is displayed.

 - Today's Special Fortune Display: The ET telepathy periodically selects and displays one lucky fortune.

 - In tarot card shuffle will change the existing card arrangement.


 - Your administrator will show you instructions for using it.

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