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Unicall offers a two-way video call as well as a three-way video call as a primary feature. You do not need to sign up, sign up, or sign up anymore, so you can install it right from the Play Store or App Store and use it right away. Both usage fee and calling charge are free.

If you need international calls from abroad, it is very useful because you can install the apps locally and use them immediately and you do not have to pay for the calls. The three-way call is very explosive because three people can talk while looking at the face among normal people. ENJOY 3-WAY CALL!

◑ Common

 ① Enter your Unicall number
 - A Unicall number is like a telephone number, and both parties must use the same Unicall number to make a call.

 ② Talk on call time
 - Press the WAIT button on the side you want to receive the call. When you press the call button on the caller, you will hear a call tone and the call button Press to start the

 - At the end of the call, press the Exit button at the bottom of both sides.

 - The other party releases the WAIT by pressing the OFFW button.

◑ 2-Way Call

 - Press the handset image to start the call, and press the red handset button at the bottom to end the call.

 - When you press the call button, your screen will be displayed first.

 - When the other party presses the call button, the other party's screen is displayed and the own screen is moved to the small screen on the lower right. At this time, if you
   touch a small screen, the other side and your screen will change.

◑ 3-Way Call

 - Press both 3WAY buttons to start the call, and press the handset button at the bottom to end the call.

 - When you press the call button, your screen will appear on the top 1/3 screen first.

 - When the second caller presses the call button, the screen is displayed on the upper screen and the screen is moved to the lower screen on the lower right.

 - Pressing the third party call button will appear on the next 1/3 screen.

 - For a three-way call, the call rings twice.

◑ Download

 - Android Phone: Download from the Play Store and install

 - iPhone: Under preparing

◑ Using

 - It is recommended to update your application.

 - It is strongly recommended to suggest your opinion about our application.

Unicall is a WebRTC-based video call system. Web Abbreviation for RealTime Communication, a public standard for video, voice, and data communications without the need for a real-time, plug-in between web browsers. In other words, it enables video communication, voice, and chat between web browsers without installing a separate program. P2P allows direct communication between devices, so there is no need for server function or performance. Since Google's first proposal for WebRTC, Google, Mozilla, Opera and Microsoft have been creating technical standards.




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