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Small Biz Call Center with CRM




Unicall/Center is a call/customer/contact center system with CRM(Customer Relationship Management) function and displays the caller information on the screen automatically when receiving calls. You can foreknow the customer's information and give the satisfactory service to the customer, and provide services like caller display, call list, customer management, E-mail, SMS, etc. to clients effectively and store information onto user's PC.

Unicall/Center displays the caller information through the CID device and is applicable up to 4 telephone lines and is very effective in key phone, PBX, etc..


◑ System Composition
   The system composition of Unicall/Center is shown in the figure below.

           System Composition


◑ PC Environment

Item Basic Requirements

Pentium 166MHz or above


64MB or above


Windows XP, Vista


 ◑ Function

  Unicall/Center has the following functions to improve the business efficiency, and it is very easy and convenient to  use.

① Caller display: Caller ID phone function and displays the caller's information and phone number.

② Display All: Displays the core information of the customer with calling sequence number for for all the telephone lines.

③ Call list: Displays the call list in the order of recent time and the status of the calls including the absent calls.

④ Connection management: Stores and manages the personal information in the database based on the name card function.
⑤ Group management: Stores and manages the member information as group in the database.
⑥ Customer management: Stores and manages the customer information(company etc.) in the database.
⑦ Key number: Manages the key number for each customer.
⑧ Memo/Diary: For user's reference to each customer, displays the memo on the customer information screen, calling screen, etc. and displays the diary on the customer information screen.

⑨ E-mail sending: Sends e-mail to the customer.

⑩ SMS sending: Sends SMS by PC.

⑪ Status display: Displays the call status, the system status, and the count of the absent calls.

◑ Main Display

◑ Application Example
  Unicall/Center is a call/customer/contact center product based on CID. The followings are examples that Unicall/Center can be used appropriately in consideration of its functions.
  - A customer center
  - A contact center
  - A call center

 ◑ Product Model

Model Product Composition

• Program CD: 1
• CID Divice: 1
• RJ11 6P2C Phone line: 1
• USB cable A-B: 1

• User's Manual: 1

                     CID Device
                                                                                             < CID Device>

◑ Performance & Environment

  - Applicable up to four trunk lines.
  - Can use CRM PCs as many as you want.
  - CID device is not needed in your key phone, PBX, etc.    
  - Any PCs through internet environment.
  - CID information from telephony office must be needed.
  - Voice Record: Possible to use with the voice recording product.

 ◑ Manual Downloading
   - If you want to know about Unicall/Center in detail, please download the electronic manual.
   - The electronic manual is available to read as Acrobat Reader.


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